Better understand your processes with our SIPOC Tool Templates in PPT

By Aurelien Domont • 3 min read • December 22, 2023


SIPOC Tool Description


What it is and why use it?

SIPOC is an acronym used for Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer:

  • Suppliers provide inputs to the process
  • Inputs are resources used by the process
  • Process is the high-level sequence of activities that produces the output
  • Outputs are the tangible products or services that are produced by the process
  • Customers are the users of the outputs

SIPOC gives you a one-page depiction of how the given process is servicing the customer.

It also provides an overview and establishes the boundaries of a process.

And finally, it gives initial insights into the vital inputs of a process that have a significant impact on the outputs.


When and where to use?

  • To build common understanding of the end-to-end process among stakeholders and team members.
  • To understand the high-level view of an end-to-end process when commencing an improvement initiative.



  • SIPOC helps to understand a process at a high level before going into the detail.
  • Avoid having intended improvements on the SIPOC. It should always represent the current state.
  • Consider having Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) requirements for inputs, process and outputs.


Click on the image below to download our SIPOC Tool Templates in Powerpoint:

SIPOC Tool Templates in Powerpoint


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