Program, Project and Change Management Toolkit - Templates and Free sample

By Aurelien Domont • 3 min read • March 12, 2024


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Program, Project and Change Management Toolkit

Problem: Projects are the lifeblood of organizations, but many projects fall short of expectations.

Solution: Our ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG consultants created a Toolkit to help you significantly increase your projects success rate.

Content: The Toolkit includes a Program/Project Management section and a Change Management section with many frameworks, best practices and templates in Powerpoint and Excel. The Program/Project Management section focuses on business & technical changes such as the organization structure, job roles, processes, and systems. The Change Management section focuses on helping individuals impacted by the business and technical changes in their company to adapt and be successful.


Program/project management section

The program/project management section includes 3 approaches that we have built and refined over the past 20 years.

The Program Management Approach includes 8 chapters: (1) Potential initiatives, (2) Business cases, (3) Project prioritization, (4) Business roadmap, (5) Governance, (6) Dashboards, (7) Continuous improvement, (8) Program evaluation.

The Project Management Traditional Approach includes 3 phases: (1) Build a Business Case & Financial Model, (2) Initiate the Project, (3) Define and Implement your Project Plan.

The Project Management Agile Approach includes 7 chapters: (1) Product Backlog, (2) Sprint Planning, (3) Sprint Backlog, (4) Sprint Execution, (5) Sprint Review, (6) Potentially Shippable Product Increment, (7) Retrospective.


Change management section:

The change management section includes a practical 3-phase approach: (I) Define the change management strategy, (II) Develop the Change Management Plans, (III) Implement, Track and Manage Progress.

And it also includes the top 12 change management frameworks and tools: (1) Kotter’s 8 step Model of Change, (2) McKinsey 7S framework, (3) Burke-Litwin Change Model, (4) Prosci 3-phase process, (5) The Adkar Change Management Model, (6) Lewin's Change Management Model, (7) Change commitment curve, (8) Change personal transition curve, (9) Heart and mind human drivers, (10) Innovation adoption curve, (11) Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, (12) Four stages of team development.


Download a free sample of our Toolkit in PowerPoint using a computer:


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