Post Merger Integration Toolkit - Playbook, Checklist and Free sample

By Aurelien Domont • 3 min read • February 12, 2024


Post Merger Integration Approach

Problem: Most M&A failures are due to a poorly managed post merger integration.

Solution: Our ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG consultants created a PMI Toolkit to increase your odds of success.

Approach: The PMI Toolkit includes a 6-phase approach that we have built and refined over the past 20 years through constant trial and error: (I) Integration Strategy, (II) Integration & synergy initiatives, (III) Detailed Plans, (IV) Implementation & Monitoring, (V) Change Management and Internal Communication, and (VI) Stakeholder Engagement. Each phase includes a comprehensive checklist.


Phase 1: Integration Strategy

This phase includes 9 sections: (1) Deal rationale, (2) Merger strategic objectives, (3) Key performance indicators (KPIs), (4) Governance and Integration Management Office (IMO), (5) Guiding principles, (6) Integration approach, (7) Operating model and organization design, (8) Integrated synergy baseline, (9) Synergy targets.


Phase 2: Integration & Synergy Initiatives

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Potential integration & synergy initiatives, (2) Business cases and financial models, (3) Integration & synergy initiatives prioritization, (4) Integration & synergy initiatives roadmap.


Phase 3: Detailed Plans

This phase includes 5 sections: (1) Integration plan: Day 1, Day 30, Day 60, Day 90, (2) Day one readiness workshop, (3) Staffing & retention plan, (4) Culture integration strategy and plan, (5) Risk management strategy and plan.


Phase 4: Implementation & Monitoring

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Governance and Integration Management Office (IMO), (2) Dashboards: Strategic objectives and KPIs, Integration & synergy initiatives, Integration plan, Other detailed plans, (3) Training to help managers set up their team, (4) Integration lessons learned.


Phase 5: Change Management and Internal Communication

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Change management strategy, (2) Change management plans, (3) Implementation, tracking and progress management, (4) Effective communication.


Phase 6: Stakeholder Engagement

This phase includes 3 sections: (1) Stakeholder analysis, (2) Stakeholder engagement strategy, (3) Stakeholder engagement detailed plan. 


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