Human Resources & Talent Management Toolkit - Free sample

By Aurelien Domont • 3 min read • April 09, 2024


Download a free sample of our Toolkit in PPT using a computer:


Description of the Human Resources & Talent Management Toolkit

Context: Superior talent is up to 8 times more productive than average talent.

Problem: The HR function is often barely contributing to organizational performance.

Solution: Our ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG consultants created a Toolkit to help you reach your value creation objectives.

Content: The Toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, tutorials, real-life examples, video training, and best practices.

Structure: The Toolkit includes a 6-phase approach that we have built and refined over the past 20 years through constant trial and error: (I) HR and Talent Management Strategy, (II) 10 Pillars to reach our HR and Talent Management Strategic Objectives, (III) Potential Initiatives for each Pillar, (IV) Business cases and financial models to assess potential projects, (V) Project Prioritization, Business Roadmap and Implementation, (VI) Change Management, Internal Communication and Stakeholder Engagement.


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