How to define and implement your Corporate/Business Strategy and Strategic Plan (includes a free template in Powerpoint)

By Aurelien Domont • 3 min read • February 12, 2024


Approach to define and implement your Corporate/Business Strategy and Strategic Plan

Problem: Most companies struggle to be good at both defining and executing their corporate/business strategy.

Solution: Our consulting firm created the Corporate/Business Strategy and Strategic Planning Toolkit created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Strategy Consultants to help you define and implement your strategy.

Approach: The Toolkit includes a 4-phase approach that we have built and refined over the past 20 years through constant trial and error: (I) Internal and external analysis, (II) Strategy tools & frameworks to shape our strategy, (III) Strategy, (IV) Strategic plan.


Phase 1: Internal and external analysis

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Internal analysis: Financial analysis, HR analysis, Marketing analysis, Customers analysis, Suppliers analysis, (2) Market Analysis: Target market, Market sizing with TAM, Market attractiveness with Porter’s 5 Forces, Environment analysis with PESTLE, (3) Competitor Analysis: Competitor identification, Benchmarking, Strategic group mapping, Competitor profiling, and (4) SWOT summary.


Phase 2: Strategy tools & frameworks to shape our strategy

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Frameworks to answer common strategic questions: What caused the company’s profit to decrease?, Should we enter a new market?, Should we introduce a new product?, Should we acquire this company?, (2) BU/Product portfolio management tools: GE-McKinsey Matrix, BCG Growth-Share Matrix, (3) Corporate and growth strategy tools: 7 Degrees of Freedom for Growth, Ansoff Growth Matrix, Blue Ocean Strategy, McKinsey Seven-S, Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies, Product Life Cycle, (4) Other tools and frameworks: Value Chain Analysis, Value Driver Tree, Pareto Principle, etc.


Phase 3: Strategy

This phase includes 8 sections: (1) Business model, (2) Mission, vision and values, (3) Strategy map including the strategic objectives to reach our vision, (4) Balanced scorecard including the key performance indicators linked to the strategic objectives, (5) Strategic pillars to reach our strategic objectives, (6) Potential strategic initiatives in each strategic pillar, (7) Business cases and financial models to help us prioritize our list of potential strategic initiatives, (8) Project prioritization.


Phase 4: Strategic Plan

This phase includes 4 sections: (1) Guiding principles, (2) Strategic plan formulation: High-level strategic plan with the three horizons of growth , Detailed strategic plan, (3) Strategic plan implementation: Governance, Strategic objectives dashboard, Strategic pillars dashboard, Strategic initiatives dashboard, Objectives and key results (OKR), (4) Evaluation and lessons learnt.


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